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Carbide Rods A Series/硬质合金棒材
Carbide Rods G Series/硬质合金棒材
Carbide End Mill/硬质合金立铣刀
Tungsten Carbide Powde/碳化钨粉末
Drill Aluminum SiC/整体PCD钻头
PCD Composite Sheet/PCD复合片
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PCD composite sheets/PCD复合片
Carbide rods export is stable /硬质
Chinese Customers Like EXE End Mil
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Global Partner

Chongqing EXE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is looking for partners all over the world. We look forward to your joining.
Our partner, has passed IATF (International Automotive Task Force) testing of our carbide rods. The conclusion is that the quality performance is very good! The price is very good!
We look forward to receiving your contact information.
Your contacts, Mr. Lin Shizhong
E-mail: exelin@qq.com

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