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Carbide Rods A Series/硬质合金棒材
Carbide Rods G Series/硬质合金棒材
Carbide End Mill/硬质合金立铣刀
Tungsten Carbide Powde/碳化钨粉末
Drill Aluminum SiC/整体PCD钻头
PCD Composite Sheet/PCD复合片
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PCD composite sheets/PCD复合片
Carbide rods export is stable /硬质
Chinese Customers Like EXE End Mil
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Chongqing EXE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., an advanced manufacturer of credit process equipment, produces tungsten powder, cemented carbide, and diamond to provide users with solutions.

Complete industry chain:

Tungsten powder products, carbide round rods and blanks, end mills, PCD composite sheets and other products.

Tungsten Powder Tungsten Carbide Powder:

Large-scale production of 0.3μm-40μm tungsten carbide powder products.

Carbide rods and plates:

Produced by the worlds advanced technology and equipment manufacturers.

PCD composite sheet:

The diamond content is more than 90%, and it is ideal for processing superhard materials by cutting instead of grinding.

latest cases

Mexican drill bit manufacturer chooses ISO 20 grades to customize special drill bit semi-finished products: step drills, single straight hole drills, double straight hole drills, double spiral hole drills, various special-shaped drills.

»American mold:

Mold Ball End Mills. Made from a combination of new cemented carbide materials and new coatings, life is extended by 450% and wear is reduced by 909%.

»American Automotive Aluminum:

High Performance End Mills. The tool lasts more than 10 times longer than the nearest competitor.



墨西哥钻头制造商,选用ISO 20牌号,定制特殊钻头半成品:阶梯钻,单直孔钻,双直孔钻,双螺旋孔钻,各种异形钻。

美国模具:Mold Ball End Mills。由新型硬质合金材料和新型涂层组合而成,寿命延长450%,磨损减少909%。

美国汽车铝: High Performance End Mills。以最大转速运转,以每分钟400英寸的速度进行零切换 - 具有500%的转速优势。该工具寿命比最接近的竞争对手耐用10倍多。

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